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We cover Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch areas. We offer an excellent service, and we have an extensive range of luxury jet massage jacuzzi’s. Give Hot Tub Hire Bournemouth a call today


What makes hiring a hot tub from us stand out from the rest.

We deliver you a stress-free service to your venue of choice; we take care of the whole assembly and fill the water before leaving to heat, which means no physical work for yourself. We also come and empty the water before we pack up and take it away. All we need is access to water, electricity, and a flat surface for the hot tub to rest on safely.

Our jacuzzi spas boast of always being the latest on the market, from jet massage to pretty lights. We offer a range of add ons such as gazebos and cinema screens, that you can enjoy day or night, whatever the weather. Gazebos are a fantastic way to cover during the colder months and can be decorated with lights to suit any occasion. Hot tubs are incredibly soothing in the cooler weather. The heat and massaging bubbles stimulate blood flow, increasing circulation and helping to relax aching muscles or joints. Being in a hot tub releases endorphins, you can unwind, relax, and socialize if you choose, in the privacy of your back garden.

They are ideal for celebrations, and jacuzzis are a great place to communicate with friends and family. Hot tubs are well-known as a remedy for stress and tension, relaxing your stiff joints and aching muscles, leaving you feeling weightless and floating in warm and luxurious bubbles. With high-powered massage jets, our spas never displease.

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We are rated five stars for our outstanding service and luxury spas, which means you get 5-star service every time.

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A lady enjoying her spar time, in a Hot Tub Hire Bournemouth rental.

Benefits of a hot tub

  • Stimulates blood flow 
  • Increases circulation 
  • Relief of aching muscles 
  • Eases stiff joints
  • Feeling of weightlessness
  • Releases endorphins 
  • Promotes wellness and stress relief 
  • Eases back problems
  • Family/social entertainment 
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Massage jets 
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improving the body’s natural healing process
Hot Tub Hire Bournemouth Blue Lazy Spa.

Benefits of hiring a hot tub

  • Save money
  • No stress-service
  • Always available 
  • Delivered, installed, collected 
  • Latest models 
  • No maintenance 
  • chemicals safely balanced 
  • Delivered fresh and clean
  • Range of products to choose from 
  • Range of add-ons
  • Party packages 
  • Event hire
  • No distraction time alone or with your loved ones 


How much is the rental? – You can contact a member of our team by clicking this link…….. Where one of the team will be more than happy to assist you. The price depends on the size of the spa and the length of time it is required. 

What is needed for me to be able to rent a jacuzzi? You need a flat surface for the unit to sit safely and level. You also need access to electricity and water to fill and heat the water. 

What access do you require for delivery and installation? The jacuzzi will be deflated and folded up, and we only need a door or garden gate to access the requested location of the unit to be set up or packed away. 

How long is the rental? You can rent for a minimum of 48 hours. If you would like more than 48hours, You can discuss your package with a customer service team member.

Who sets it all up? Our team will take care of everything. We come and inflate the tub, connect the unit and start to fill the water. If you have any add-ons, we will also assemble them, leaving you with nothing to do other than enjoy and relax. 

What sizes are the tubs, how many people can they hold? They fit between 4,6, or 8 people. 

How long does the installation take to set up? The setup will take around 1 to 2 hours.

How long does the tub take to fill? Depending on water pressure, approximately 1-4 hours.

How long does the water take to heat up? The water needs to heat for roughly 12-24 hours to reach maximum temperature (we have options for filling with warmer water. However, this is not always possible). You would need to discuss with customer services for more information. 

What is the maximum temperature does the water reach? The maximum temperature for any jacuzzi is 40 degrees. Once heated to the chosen temperature, you can maintain the heat using the settings. We always recommend using the jacuzzi lid when not in use to retain heat and lower energy use. 

Is it expensive for me to run on electricity? You would need to check with your current energy provider. It will cost approximately £2-£4. We can give more specific information about energy usage if you require it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team to assist you further. 

Who empties and dismantles the setup? We come on the morning of the agreed collection date, empty, deflate and take it away. You have a no-stress service from start to finish.

Does someone need to be present when you come to install? Yes, we need someone to be present to access the water and electrical supply at the property. We also need to give you the demonstration and ensure you are happy working the electrical unit. 

Are there seats in the hot tub? Not all of our spas are fitted with seats as they are inflatable. 

Do you provide gazebos and lights? We don’t offer them as standard. However, they are available as add-ons. please refer to our list of add-ons or packages for more information on what is available when choosing hot tub hire Bournemouth.

What else do you offer? We provide a range of Add-ona, such as lights, gazebos, games, and projection tv for the ultimate outdoor experience. A member of the team will be happy to help with your request and give you a quote. 

How do I keep the water hot? There are settings on the electrical power unit to control the temperature and the jet spa settings. There are various heat and jet power settings for your preference and maximum comfort.

How do I use the hot tub? We always do a demonstration before we leave, and we give you a simple instruction guide in your jacuzzi care package. Making sure you are happy and confident is a priority, giving you the best experience possible. 

Do you give me anything to keep the water and jacuzzi clean? Yes, we leave you with a jacuzzi care package containing an instruction manual, spare filter, and sterile products to use during your hire to keep the water clean and safe.

Are your jacuzzi’s safe and insured?  Yes. All our jacuzzies are safe and tested before and after every use, and we have complete and up-to-date insurance. Hot tub hire Bournemouth has got you covered. 

What is the best time of year to use an outdoor hot tub? Any time of year is an excellent time to use a hot tub. You can adjust the heat settings to suit any temperature, and you can use gazebos to make it extra warm and cosy in the cooler weather.

Do you sell hot tubs? As we like to keep our units up to the best possible standards and latest on the market, we often have stock sales. Please sign up to our mailing list for offers and updates.

Do you need a concrete floor? We get this question all the time, wether  it being a stained concrete or grass it does not matter, Inflatable hot tubs can be set up on any surface.